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Anderson Briggs

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Briggs has returned.


Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
City: Unknown
Player: Devon Weir
Storyteller: VST Jon Hesley
He controls all. You can't even flush without him.

Sire: Anna Carrington missing

Bloodline: Unknown

Notable Traits: His left eye is bright blue while his right eye is dark brown. Both seem to have a ring of flowing blood around the iris. Seems to fit in a little -too- well.

Titles: Prince of Fort Worth; Hierophant; Eye of Death


Character Livejournal:

Information Known by Kindred Society

Briggs is pretty much unkillable. Just ask anyone who has killed him how that worked out for them.


Whatever he claims on any given night, Briggs is of the diMilan line and a descendant of the great Julia Kincaid. Whatever he claims on any given night, he has a great fondness for the old woman, and will kill anyone who speaks ill of her.

Known Childer

(once the last two spots on this list are full, there will be no more childer. Grandkids are ok, and Briggs will Avus almost anyone)

Alec somethingsomething Recently returned Z deceased
Corinne Decided to show back up, so is apparently not dead
Kiara Draven deceased
Mr. Avery Bateman, who is somehow still enjoying his Requiem
Margit Berg - "Alive"
(Name Unknown) Status Unknown

Known Grand-childer

His childer can't seem to survive long enough to reproduce.

Society at Large

add yourself where you think you belong




  • Witnesses saw Briggs meet his Final Death at the hands of a power demon. Nobody can quite explain how he survived that.
  • Briggs sometimes appears as an angel of light.
  • Briggs carries a sword forged by Justin Maxwell. His soul is bound to the blade. Until the sword is destroyed, Briggs will never meet his Final Death.


By all means, speak freely...

  • "I'm a degenerate hedonist, not a brainless airhead. I didn't forget." -Julia Kincaid
  • "Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Here's a guy - 5ft something, 100 and something - who's biggest contribution to our Society is regurgitating third-rate, second-hand, first class bullshit and calling it "an esteemed opinion". He's as useful as a crap-flavoured lollipop, and just as appetising. That's not to say he's completely hopeless, though - he can serve as a bad example." - Alex Danse
  • "Sorry, don't know him. What are you, racist or something? Think we're all related?" - Gina Briggs

In his own words

  • "I am the grandeur."
  • "I have suffered Final Death. What more can you hope to do to me?"

OOC Information

Player: Devon Weir

Location: Fort Worth, TX

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