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Tombstone.jpg This article is about a character that is deceased and no longer in play.
Character Information
Clan: Rakshasa
Covenant: Invictus
City: New York City •••
Player: Ryan C.
Storyteller: Dain Geist, NYC DST
Head of the Family


Sire: Unknown

Bloodline: Rakshasa

Notable Traits: Asira, while always dressed impecably, resembles a burn victim. His skin is a sickly greenish and almost wax like in texture.

Titles: Rajah of the United States; Rakshasa Priscus of New York

Coteries/Societies: Ganeshan Undertakings, the Royal Family of Chirakkal

Character Livejournal:

This is how you know I care

Information Known by Kindred Society

A recent resident of New York City, Asira comes to America from India. Although only a recent resident of the United States, he has grown familiar with the customs and covenants of the West from his travels throughout Europe and the United States over the years.

Asira is a known mercenary for hire, working for boons, money, retainers, and weapons. Although a great deal of his history lies on the continents of Europe and Asia, the demon has recently been making a name for himself in the United States. In recent years he has been seen working with luminary acolyte Felipe Saunier, and he has often been retained by the well-known Angelo DiMilan. Some know him for a public stand-off in Cleveland with Urvi, and others for murdering Christian Anderson.

Asira dresses in a fine black suit and is known to be very quiet, well-mannered, and completely vicious.

Known Associates:


Miss Mae

Ava deGuise

Benjamin Martinez

Johnny Walker

Quotes From Other Kindred

"If he could have, he would have salted the earth behind him." -- Sunda, on Asira's participation in the Bib-Ghar massacre.

"I met this bloke once. Sent shivers up an' down my spine 'e did. One of the most interestin' lads I met in my trip to Chicago 'e was." -- "Tom", on his first meeting with Asira.

"Asira and Sunda are both Rakshasa. They are not Nosferatu, or rather would prefer not being called Nosferatu or being affiliated with them. They are both deadly, and I encourage you to stay clear of them." -- The Rt. Rev. Luther Fried on Sunda and Asira

"To be fair, he has a business acumen that is unrivaled, I'm not sure what he'll do with all these favors, but he's certainly accruing them at a frightening rate."- Ava deGuise

"We can't call a bloodhunt on him, because nobody here can fulfill it." -- Anonymous Philadelphia resident

"Aye, he might be a tad odd ta peek at, but he has balls. He took a ribbin' and didn't back down ... and when ya look like him, and still walkin' about, you have skills. Open your fuckin' eyes. I like the bloke." -- Padraig "Bones" O'Daugherty.

"I have little use for the childe. I have less use for the sire."- Jason Landers

"The rate by which you accumulate such measures of prestation among the damned both near and far from our borders is nothing shy of extraordinary. Indeed while I know better than to advocate the tenets of the First Estate to you; I must say that you would give our best a run for their proverbial money in the refined acumen of acquiring pounds of flesh and pints of blood from so stingy a race as Kindred." -- Alder Barone Lorenzo Gambara

"It would not surprise me in the slightest if he and Miss Mae were involved. He is precisely her type: well-dressed, well-mannered, and above all, clearly hazardous." (Overheard at a DeKalb gathering)

"The only thing you'll not mistake about him from across a crowded party is his face. I find him hard to hear when there's anyone else within earshot." - Simon bar Kochba

"He kills people for a living. It's publically known, he's probably broken destruction more times than my entire family. He's ok in my book" - Guillermo Merced

"Of course he is a monster, Monsieur. So are we all. He is simply more honest about it. So I tag a title to the end of his name, and voila - now he is at least a legitamate monster." - Felipe Saunier

"[Sunda]'s just trying to get a rise out of you and establish himself as the baddest ass in the room. Asira, on the other hand, doesn't have to say anything in order to make it clear that he thinks of more unthinkable atrocities to commit in one night than most people do in their entire lives." - Helen Cayhill

"A fellow dealer of death...albeit more honest than I. And more pure in his purpose." - Simon Cassio

"I don't find him frightening at all. I think he's quite beautiful. He's honest about what he is when you look at him. How can that be anything other than alluring?" - Carissa Megaharet, overheard at a ball held by Dr. Thaddeus Grey

"So, he's a hideous Nosferatu... who kills as a vocation... and has a creepy voice... How then does he stand out from the rest of his blood?" - Simon bar Kochba

"I really wonder what blood looks like on that shade of green. We should have dinner at some point and find out." - Caleb Barrow

Quotes From Asira

"The best time to observe someone is just before they sleep. Or just after they wake up. All the. Pretense. Is gone. There is nobody to impress. To fear. To lie to. In that small window, each creature is. Their true self." - When asked by Prince Essex on the right time to observe someone.

"I hope you won't think poorly of me. This is nothing personal - it is just business."

"You know how much I hate bad manners."

"..." - When asked by a Prince to not bite off the face of acknowledged Kindred












  • Asira served very publicly as bodyguard to Angelo Di Milan at the large Milwaukee gathering in October of 2006 and again for the Monster's Ball in June 2007. They have been seen in each other's presence of numerous occasions and it has been speculated that Asira is often obfuscated in the presence of the "Fornicator", ready to dismember any threats which may arise.
  • Asira is sleeping with Miss Mae from DeKalb.
  • ... and his childer is furious about his relations with a 'Filthy Sudra Nosferatu'.
  • Asira controls his childer completely, seeing him as nothing more than another weapon in his not insignificant arsenal.
  • Asira and Sunda served very publically as bodyguards to Felipe Saunier for the 2007 Nashville Gathering.
  • Asira loathes the Nosferatu.
  • Asira once chewed the face off a Dragon for mocking his heritage. The city offered him a life boon for the insult.
  • Asira owns more boons than any other vampire in the NE Region.
  • Asira is responsible for the death of Mirandia Blake. (Invictus only)

OOC Information

Player: Ryan Coogan

Location: New York, New York

Anyone who would like some recent background ties please drop us a line at rcoogan [at]

**If you play a Rakshasa, please drop me a line. I would love to get some communication between the players of this remarkable Bloodline.**

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