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Category:Gainesville, FL Requiem

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  • VST - None

Requiem Public IC Information

Court of Gainesville Florida
Prince Father Murphy (Portrayed by Dan Hartstein)••••
Herald Vacant
Seneschal Vacant
Prince's Harpy Pierre St. Claude•••
Sheriff Vacant
Scourge Vacant
Master of Elysium, Vacant

Recognized Kindred of Gainesville
Pierre St. Claude (Portrayed by Matt Asbell)•••
Lord Staas van der Winst - Invictus, Ventrue Priscus (Portrayed by J. Rush)••••
Gusta van der Winst - Ordo Dracul, Ventrue (Portrayed by A. Rush)••
Mr. Rouche - Invictus (Portrayed by Matt Asbell)••
Georgia Jackson - Lancea Sanctum (Potrayed by Amy Andreasen)
Kassandra Chesette - Lancea Sanctum (Potrayed by Amanda González)
Caleb Sheppard-Clan undetermind, Covenant: Ordo Dracul (Portrayed by Matt Peacock)•••
Benedita Drwg née della Passaglia -Clan Daeva, Covenant: Circle (Portrayed by Conni Lloyd)
Chazz Darling - Crone Daeva (Portrayed by J. Rush)••

Kindred who frequent Gainesville but have not yet been allowed Recognition
Soloman Forsythe - Invictus (Second Primary - Portrayed by John Pruitt)
Dr. Victoria Walker (Secondary - Portrayed by Amy Andreasen)

Specific Requiem - Known History

  • 20 Years ago

Reggie was banished from Gainesville by the wicked Invictus Prince, Alexander DuMont. He was banished for wooing the Prince's woman. Of all things, she was a ghoul.

  • 10 years ago
  • 5 Years ago
  • 2005

Elizabeth Williams arrived in the city just a few short weeks before Adriana Nikkos.

Within a few weeks of Adriana's arrival she became Prince of Gainesville, making the long time Invictus held a Carthian Domain.

Alder Alexander Evengii almost bought the farm one night for pissing off a ghoul which resulted in a hellacious car crash.

The creator of Gainesville, Florian-Antione Christoph, rose from the Vault. Soon after, he returned to his eclipse.

  • 2008

The city has had a major influx of Kindred during 2008..bringing with them increased presence of all covenants and the tensions that also go with the constant nightly jostle for power and knowledge.

  • 2009

Early in the year Heirophant Elizabeth Williams was attacked and killed by Archbishop Murphy, who would later to be found to have been possessed by a Stryx when he killed her.

Venue Control Rating

This number gives STs and players a measure of the control the PCs have over their city. The higher the rating, the less likely it is that their assets will come under fire or their efforts will meet resistance from NPC or environmental sources.

On a 1d10, a roll at or under the Control Rating divided by 10 (round down) means that the effort is unhindered by random outside influences.

Rating = total of all influence XP (calculated at full value regardless of discounts) held by all Gainesville PCs of this venue in the categories of Allies, Contacts, Haven, Herd, Resources, and mundane Status.

Only PCs who are official IC members of the city (City Status 1+) add to this venue's rating.

  1. Georgia Jackson -
  2. Erika -
  3. Christopher Dade -
  4. Samuel Smith -
  5. Lord Staas van der Winst - 32
  6. Father Murphy - 12?
  7. Caleb Sheppard -
  8. Mr. Rouche - 2

Current Total: 46

Venue: Requiem Region: South East
Venue Storyteller: None Venue Style Sheet: TBA
Time and Location: TBA
Chapter/Domain: FL-011-D
Coordinator: Sarah Gullett Domain Storyteller: Mike Day
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