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Cathryn Smyrt

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Cathryn Smyrt

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue ••
Covenant: Invictus •••
Repute: ••
City: Mount Pleasant, MI
IC Journal: childoftwo
Player: Trina Nilson
Storyteller: VST Mike Ervin
CAthryns pic.jpg



  • None

Apparent Age

  • 22

Notable Traits:

  • She is Beautiful (Striking Looks 4)with long very dark red hair and emerald green eyes. She is always dressed well and looks like she just dropped out of a magazine. She always seems to be calm and controlled.


  • Lady Cathryn Smyrt
  • CTO Black Eagle Enterprises
  • Guardian of the Golden City
  • Au Pair
  • Technical analyst of Omfatte Universal
  • Daedali Alae Argentae


Character Livejournal: OOC unless you have reason to find her journal

Cathryn and Niel 1777.jpg

Information Known by Kindred Society


OOC Unless you have reason to know

  • August 1st 1887 Manhattan NY USA Mr James and Mrs Carol Varnis Cathryn was born.
  • July 7th 1888- July 7th 1897 Europe the Varnis' The family traveled thru Europe.
  • July 15th 1898 France Cathryn Cathryn was near the Eiffel Tower and she was kidnapped.
  • July 16th 1898 France Cathryn Cathryn was held in a room and shown to 10 men who wished to buy her. She was passed up by 9 and the tenth told them he would have to Fuck her to see if she was worth his money.
  • July 18th 1898 France Cathryn Cathryn was abused and raped a second time buy the small Japanese man. He paid for her after that and asked for her to be delivered to him in three days time.
  • July 20th 1898 France Cathryn Cathryn was found by Police.
  • July 24th 1898-September 13th 1902 Africa & Australia the Varnis' They traveled thru Africa & Australia.
  • August 11th 1902 South Africa James Varis Arbraham Lancaster and James Varis arrange the wedding of Andrew and Cathryn. They settle on a very high price and the promise of many male children.
  • August 12th 1902 South Africa Cathryn James tells that family that on Cathryn's 19th Birthday they would be going to Germany for her wedding.
  • September 16th 1902-July 2nd 1906 Asia the Varnis' The family travels thru Asia.
  • August 1th 1906 Germany Cathryn Cathryn met her Future Husband.
  • August 10th 1906 Germany Cathryn & Andrew The Wedding was preformed.
  • August 12th 1906 Paris France Cathryn & Andrew They arrived at the honeymoon rental. He raped her and beat her and knocked her unconscious.
  • August 13th 1906- July 18th 1907 Paris France Cathryn & Andrew Andrew bought a house and filled it. He Put her in a room in the basement where he kept her as a sex slave to serve his friends, girlfriend and people he owed money to. He also sold her for money she kept him in good cash flow.
  • July 19th 1907 Paris France Cathryn, Andrew & Niel Frithjof Cathryn's Sire killed her husband and the man who was fucking her. He then took her to his home.
  • July 19th 1907-August 1st 1909 Paris France Cathryn & Niel Cathryn was Niel's Ghoul and was changed.
  • August 1st 1909-August 15th 1941 Traveling Cathryn & Niel Cathryn travels with or near her sire for 32 years.
  • 1927 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Richard "Tank" Malone & Cathryn Cathryn watches Tank in a boxing match and decides to change him and keep his as her childe and protection.
  • September 20th 1941- 1943 New York USA Cathryn & Ian Rose Cathryn meets Ian Rose. Joins the Invictus. Starts traveling with Him.
  • Spring 1945 North Carolina Cathryn & Victor LaFontaine Faked being a married Couple to avoid a Masqurade Breach.
  • Fall 1946- Summer 1986 Traveling Cathryn & Oddgeirsson He protected her and was her Vassal till his death at the hands of the brood.
  • April 21st 1980 Cincinnati Cathryn and Tyler Cathryn finds Tyler in her bar and after he murders his Mortal family she ghoul's him
  • May 10th 1982 Toledo Cathryn and William Cathryn finds William and Ghouls him
  • June 10th 1985 Toledo Cathryn and Tyler Cathryn turns Tyler
  • May 10th 1987 Toledo Cathryn and William Cathryn turns William
  • January 1st 1990 - January 3rd 1991 Chicago Cathryn & William Becomes his Au Pair for entrance into the Invictus
  • 1992-presant Chicago/Cincinnati Cathryn Begin work and eventually became the CTO of BEE.
  • March 10th 1994 - March 12th 1995 Cincinnati Cathryn And Blake Horn Trains him as his Au Pair
  • Autumn of 1998 Undisclosed City Cathryn and Guy Lawrence Guy saved her from three kindred attacking her and spent 3 days keeping her safe. Trysts randomly sense.
  • Summer 2008 Philly Cathryn and Alaina Cathryn turns Alaina and allows her ex-regent to continue her training.
  • June 6th, 2010 Mt Pleasant Cathryn and Constance La Cross Cathryn swears Oath to La Cross to become her Vassal
  • July 15-17, 2010 Indianapolis Cathryn and Tristan Gathering that Spiral was killed at
  • Aug. 2, 2010 Prague Army Used her computer skills to find where War Pig was hiding and make sure the Invictus got there first.
  • Sept. 18, 2010 Hampton Roads Cathryn, Mira and Fayde Cathryn meets Fayde for the first time
  • Nov. 14th 2010 Hampton Roads Cathryn, Fayde and Alyss Cathryn meets Alyss for the first time
  • Nov. 20, 2010 Mt Pleasant Niel, Tyler and Cathryn Niel's first visit to Mt Pleasant
  • November 21-26, 2010 Tupelo Army Met and worked with Adrian Case while Adopted son Thomas Haus and Bishop Kelley died
  • Nov. 27-29, 2010 Toledo Cathryn & Constance Constance drops Cathryn as her Vassal
  • December 1st, 2010 Toledo Cathryn and Duke Foxe Cathryn swears Oath to Duke Foxe
  • December 4th, 2010 Mt Pleasant Cathryn Exiled from Mt Pleasant by Prince Christoff.
  • Feb. 6th 2011 Toledo Cathryn Floods YouTube and the like with Porn and throws filters to keep people from loading to the net
  • March 13th 2011 LA Army Battled Shakedown
  • July 8th 2011 Southern Arizona Army helps form an army to defeat another demon
  • September 17th 2011 NOLA Grand Gathering Duke Foxe dies in dispute with Primus Hamilton.
  • December 21st 2011 Toledo OH Married and became the Liege Lord of Lord Reginald Pryce



  • Unknown


=Known Childre

=Known Grandchildre



=Neices & Nephews


Callido001.jpg 80x80-icon-invictus.jpg


Cathryn and Tristan.jpg

Vassal's old and New

  • Oddgeirsson 1946-1986 Was killed by brood defending her.




  • Has a motto with her childe: "When in doubt, try, try again"
    • If that doesn't work, send him to daddy
  • Oddgeirson is alive, but Cathryn does not know it.


  • "I love the brood their ash makes my Roses so pretty." Lady Cathryn Smyrt upon hearing how we should get along with some of the brood.
  • "Mlle Smyrt, understands civility, it is non in what one says, but how one says it, et that it is non in how one solves un problem, but in how one addresses it. Civility, even avec un brood, is always necessary, especially when one deems it unimportant." Joan D`Aquitaine
  • "Chess is a game of calculation, anticipation, and strategy. Lady Smyrt is a chess master." - Baron Evan Rivera

Character Inspirations

  • Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds
  • Abby Sciuto from NCIS
  • Lady Heather from CSI

Sound Track

OOC Information

Player: Trina Nilson US20080217994

Location: Mt Pleasant, MI

Other Characters I Play

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