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Gainesville Lost VSS

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Part 1: Basic Information

Domain Name: Poisoned Absinthe
Domain Number: FL-011-D
Venue: Changeling the Lost
VST: Ryan Morgan,
DST: Mike Day,
DC: Sarah Gullett,

Games are held twice a month on days that the site can be obtained. These dates will be posted a month ahead of time on regional, and local lists, as well as posted online at the domain website: The game schedule will be posted online at

Part 2: Styles of Play

  • Action (Combat and Challenges): 3
  • Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
  • Darkness (PC death or corruption): 3
  • Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3
  • Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 2
  • Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 2
  • Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4
  • Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?): 3

Ratings & Rating Descriptions: 1 = Never present / 2 = Sometimes present / 3 = Often present / 4 = Usually present / 5 = Always present

Part 3: Description of Venue

As described in the Changeling storyteller's section, Changeling is a game of Beautiful Madness. Paranoia should be rampant in the Changeling venue, as nothing is what it appears to be. The very perceptions of the Changelings are warped so drastically, that as their clarity lowers, they are even unable to distinguish fact from fiction. The changelings should feel isolated. The theme that you are so far removed from the humans, so very different in your core being now from them, has shattered your world beyond repair. So you will have to find a new world, or a way to cope with your psychosis. Another key theme in this game will be a degree of wonder. The fact that there are more things in heaven, earth, and the Hedge, than can ever be absorbed by a single Lost. There will be the sensation of the 'New and exciting' if not every game, very close to it. You should approach this game as your characters will - with a mixed blessing of awe and fear. The scenes will be wonderful, but you should be scared about what might happen next. Characters, and their Players should experience these sensations in every scene in our games.

Gainesville, once a vaunted place where people came to heal, has been degraded to a wasteland, as far as the lost are concerned. Several people have lost hope, believing that the freehold itself cannot be saved. But it was not always this way.

A handful of years ago began a vicious cycle that seems to be repeating itself, over every turn of the crown. A Monarch lays claim to the freehold. The Monarch rules for awhile. Normally quite well. Then, if rumor is to be believed, just after the pledge expires, the former leader is struck down by other members of the freehold who were displeased with him, or assassinated by both unsworn Lost, and killers coming from outside of the borders of Gainesville. This bloody swath has continued for nearly two years now, repeating itself over and over. A cycle of blood, and death followed by resurgence, and renewal, only to end in havoc and disorder once more.

Before this time, it was a safer place. Not by much, but, significantly more than it is in the present day. Several people say that it is due to how this freehold was founded. This freehold had it's mortar made in blood, and bricked by the bones of the first Ashen Court. The Freehold's first Summer King is rumored to have taken leave of his mind and emotions, becoming distant, and violent. He refused to give up his crown, when his time came. After an extended war, he led members of the Ashen Court, his primary opponent to come settle in peace. He then killed them all. Some say with poison. Some say that Solomon butchered them all with his mighty sword. Regardless of the circumstance, they died by his hand.

It is hard to uncover just how his reign ended. There are few Lost that remember that far back in events, and if they even are present, they have drawn so far back into hiding that they might never be discovered. If the even exist any longer.

And as such, we are only left with a little less than three years of lore, due to the systematic killing of anyone who might have known any different. Information about the past is mostly hearsay, and is muddled, chopped, and distorted by their tellers every time it changes hands. If rumor is to be believed, however, there has been danger on the wind for much, much longer. Rumors of groups of bridge-burners lurking about, systematically destroying any gateway or path to the Hedge, effectively trapping any would-be excapees from returning in the hedge. There are rumors of Privateers roaming the trods and markets, looking for Changelings to sell back at the highest price. There are rumors of a motley of privateers functioning from deep within the heart of Gainesville. There are rumors that the Fetches of all the lost that have been killed in the past ten years, are banding together for protection and to meet out their own brand of justice. There is even a whisper that one of Them has been trapped here in exile since before the freehold was formed. Even a more darker one stating that He was never trapped here, but is allowed to come and go as he pleases, ruling Gainesville as his own personal fiefdom. But that is all rumors.

That is all anyone has to go on anymore, as everyone else who knew differently – is dead.

Trods are uncommon enough to make it to where you are not tripping all over them, but they are far from rare. Gateways to both Arcadia proper, as well as rumored passages to other freeholds exist fairly commonplace in Gainesville. Even rarer, but still present in Gainesville, are a small handful of trods within certain points in the city, leading to another point within it.

The Hedge itself is a visceral thing in Gainesville. Due to the systematic butchering of all of it's former lords, the boundaries to the brim all quiver and shake with the sensation of waiting, certain death. The psychoactive tendencies are magnified far greater than that of a normal freehold. If you come into the hedge looking to hide, you may find yourself lost from even yourself. If you jump onto a trod spoiling for a fight, you might very well find one right around that bend. There are several entities in the hedge of late, both deadly and benign. It would be quite easy to make a tidy fortune collecting the rumored treasures to be found in the Hedge here, or it could be just as easy to end your life. If rumor is to be believed, even the vaunted Fountain of Youth is to be within the freeholds borders, bound there for several hundred years, just before Arcadia, but after hours of wandering through a trod that only opens if you know where to look.

Goblin Markets used to be fairly prominent in Gainesville. For whatever reason, those short, squat little men loved wheeling and dealing with the local denizens, as well as with any Lost that could bring anything to the table. Most notorious of them, Stabble's Market, has packed up shop and has left town entirely, as far as anyone can tell. This has given credence to a great deal of confusion and rumor, but the facts remain. For now, there are no permanent markets in Gainesville. But, it should be time for one of the seasonal ones to come around fairly soon, if anyone can remember or find out where the door is.

Part 4: Storytelling Mechanics

A character sheet must be complete to be attached to this VSS. A complete sheet requires a detailed history or at least very detailed time line and bullet notes consisting of; Before being taken, circumstances of capture, the keeper, durance, fetch, escape, and immediate history after), a full sheet of stats, information on all pledges (Exact Wording, Stat breakdown, when it was sworn, and other participants), Approvals for all items upon your sheet, and most importantly, must mostly reside in Gainesville for their existence. Traveling outside of the domain on business or pleasure is acceptable, but the character must spend the majority of his time in the domain borders. Character sheets should also be balanced. Characters with clear min-maxing will be brought into question, and have a limited amount of time to right their sheets before a penalty is levied. Appropriate concepts for the venue will also be taken into consideration. Outright antagonistic concepts which have no allies locally are unacceptable, and unplayable. With a limited storytelling staff, it is not practical to jeopardize one storyteller to play for one person. As such, characters must have reasonable ties to the freehold to be attached to this VSS.

While loner concepts work as the protagonist of a book or film, LARP is not the sort of venue where you have a star, a co-star or two, and a host of supporting characters. LARP is, above all, ensemble cast story telling. All characters in the story are equally important. In order to fully participate in the telling of an ensemble-cast story, your character should have at least some measure of interest in others, and at least one long-term goal that requires reliance on or cooperation with others (at least four) in the /local/ venue. Characters found to be lacking in any regard will have a limited amount of time to work with the storytellers to change their concept, or risk being desanctioned and/or removed from the VSS.

Visitors will be asked to have two copies of their character sheet on hand to turn in to the ST running the game. One will be kept on file with the ST should any questions arise. These sheets must have a full XP log. Any and all approval items must have the corresponding ST’s approval number on it. Additionally, in order to accommodate the requested high level of plot available locally, it is highly recommended that all visitors contact the VST no less than 72 hours prior to game with your character information and expected plot/agenda while in attendance. This will allow local staff greater ability to incorporate your stories in with our own while you are guests with us. In addition, characters with a overly disruptive history may be denied to play in the local game outright. Failure to provide requested information in the time frame required may result in request to refrain from playing your character and/or plot arc at the current game session, in order to maintain the planned events. Should this occur, however, staff will have a selection of NPCs on hand for you to portray (should you choose) so that all may continue to enjoy in our game. Please be advised that any and all outside plots will not affect this game unless they receive prior approval from the storytelling staff.

Mundane travels are rarely a issue in Gainesville unless it is a game night for the Gators, or you are trying to find parking out by the VA anywhere from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon. We have our rush hour traffic same as anyone, but overall most thoroughfares in Gainesville are safe, if not monitored in some way, shape or form.

Travel via the hedge could be anything from a cakewalk, to a fool's errand, depending on the method, and the number of other characters traveling with you. For all the benefits of the hedge; the privacy, the speed of travel, and the freedom to use most of your magics without being witnessed, the threats that are there number far greater. Due to plot-lines, this may be a significant danger, or a negligible one.

Both methods of travel are not without pitfalls, however. Traveling to and from this game might be hazardous to your characters health. The method of travel, an the conditions of your arrival should be thought through in detail.

Characters are expected to potray their loss of Clarity. Clarity does not make you more 'inhumane' by nature, but instead removes your ability to distinguish the real, from the imaginary. Even passing thoughts your character would have, would become tangeable, real things. Players should expect to suffer penalities from degraded clairty in all things regarding to perception and Fae alike abvove and beyond the book's mechanics at storyteller discression - to further potray the horror and confusing state of not knowing what is real, and what is fake.

Glamour will be obtained through a challenge similar to that described in Changeling the Lost. You will describe how you go about getting glamour primarilly. If you get your glamour through more than one source, you would state so, but also tell us the way you would 'mainly' do it, and anything additional you do to supplement it. From your statement, the storyteller will develop a roll. For example, if you want to bully others to inspire Wrath, the storyteller might assign Strength + Brawl. If your autumn courtier would get Glamour by telling schoolchildren scary stories, the storyteller might give you a Presence + Expression roll. There may be additional role-play repercussions for activities that are less than savory (Such as stabbing someone to inspire fear, it might attract law enforcement, or so on). The base formula will be 2+Dots in Harvest+(Successes x2). A failure on this roll means that this particular method of glamour 'dries up' for those in the town for a few months, and those attempting to do that action for some months will see diminished returns. Your character also may get penalized by getting kicked out of the establishment he was in, for example, or harassed by law enforcement for inappropriate conduct at worse. This roll may be modified for good role-play, equipment or environmental circumstances. Using a contract to gain Glamour results in the costs of that contract (regardless of catches being fulfilled) removed from the net glamour gained. All visiting, and local characters must obtain their glamour through a method within the boundaries of the Gainesville domain.

You may enter game with a number of hedge fruit as follows. You may subtract a glamour from your sheet to obtain one hedge random hedge fruit decided by the storyteller, up to a maximum level of fruit determined by the explanation of how said fruit was obtained. A player will usually be allowed to enter with at least one fruit, but they must provide reasons for having, and methods of obtaining more than one. If the character has taken pains to find a source of a particular fruit, it will be taken into considerations as to the type of fruit they enter game with. Players visiting or in proxy should have their local storytelling staff e-mail the ST with proof the character has taken pains to locate these items, and the source of these items if they with to have unusual fruit (Brumblebulb, any of the hybrid plants, .etc) with them at time of check in. All local players and visitors are subject to these rules without exception.

Proxies are highly discouraged. The focus of our game is personal horror, and proxies are as impersonal as they get. In a live action game, proxies should be your method of last resort. Should a proxy still be needed; a complete character sheet, XP log, approvals information and proxy questionnaire must be sent at least 72 hours ahead of time with a e-mail from your local storyteller confirming the character is available for play by proxy or the scene will not be permitted. Any actions taken by characters while proxies are considered final, as are the consequences of those actions. Please keep in mind that we will use the genre as a reference (A PC will not want to make deals with fetches by nature, nor would they walk up and be overly aggressive to the monarch and threaten to stab him) as well as your characters morality (a Clarity 8 character will not rely on tokens and kidnapping to get his ends met.) to play your character in a proxy, but we will mostly rely on what you, the player, have told us as to how you would react in a circumstance. Players should proxy their characters at their own risk. If you are uncomfortable with these stipulations, do not proxy your character to this game. A storyteller is not required to contact you again about your actions from this point forward, only to provide you with the outcome of events.

To proxy to the Venue to do a downtime scene with local PC's, you must abide by all of the rules above. If you are proxying to Gainesville to have a peaceful interaction with a PC, the storyteller in question will respond to your proxy and let you know when to begin the scene. It is your responsibility to message the storyteller if your character leaves earlier or later than the proxy report states. The storyteller will then inform you to the events (if any) of your characters exit. In addition to those rules, any sort of mass kill-box scenario will be run under the sole purview of the VST and any additonal staff he requests; up to and including it's resolution in a simulated combat in which a player not the ST (A narrator or volunteer) may run the sheet to maintain fair play. As such, it is vital to have a fully filled out proxy report. The proxying player not be contacted again until a resolution is found to the scene.

To proxy to a Live Game, in addition to the proxy rules listed above, you must find a player to willing represent your PC during the entire game session - who must be at game at check in, and stay at the game site until the ST permits the person playing your character to leave; as excape from the scene does not necessarily mean escape from the city. A character may not enter play in, or interact with, a live Game without someone to represent the sheet, and a Narrator will likely be too busy with their duties to do this for a player.

All proxies must have the following without exception (Except for the last question, that is strictly optional).

  • Information as to how your character arrives to town, and who they are traveling with, as well as their likely stay in the town. Detail any events which would make you leave town early, or stay in town longer, and the likelihood of either happening.
  • Information how your character will obtain Glamour within the city, adhering to all local rules for such.
  • If you are bringing in hedge fruit to town, how do you come by them? Request your local storyteller who runs the scenes to e-mail the ST to allow amounts more than one, or more rare hedge fruit. What is the maximum amount of glamour are you willing to sacrifice (per the VSS rules) to keep them in fruit form? Do you have a preference as to what fruit you would bring (Or a priority list of them?) A storyteller e-mail confirming possession will be required for any rare or unusual oddment or hedge fruit.
  • Information on if you character would willingly speak to anyone confronting them, and how they might react in a given situation of diplomacy, violence, or being tailed. Who would you not speak to regardless of circumstance. Who would you never fight? What do you just not care about?
  • If a fight does erupt, what would provoke your character into getting into combat? What would make them flee from it?
  • A full character sheet, including an experience point log and a record of any approvals for items, powers, or other character traits that require them.
  • A paragraph on how you portray your character, quirks and other such personality traits at a normal game. Information on general demeanor and attitude are in fact required, even if you would otherwise try to hide them.
  • VST / DST / RST contact information. The storytelling staff will need to able to verify things and give the results of the proxy so they can incorporate said results into their games.
  • Clearly stated goals for the character in proxy. Be as precise as possible.
  • Contingency plans. Without contingency plans, the decisions that the storytelling staff will make may or may not reflect what the player would have done in similar circumstance.
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell the ST's about your character and this proxy.

There will be a base award of three points per game, with bonus points awarded at storyteller discretion. These points include, but are not limited to:

Costuming: Dressing in appropriate fashion to Mein or Mask. Personal Storytelling: Behaving ‘like a storyteller’ and doing what is good for the story, rather than what directly benefits your character. In-depth Role-play: An extremely intense scene which furthered the overall story, not just personal growth. Player Vote: Some games, a bonus point(s) may be opened up for players to nominate an exceptional player for an additional point for whatever criteria they decide. Storyteller Vote: If a player goes above and beyond, the storytellers may award extra experience at their own discretion.

Examples of solid Non-Game activities that support the possibility for experience are: Email Scenes, IRC Chat logs, Downtime Reports, Submitted character journals, the occasional end-of-story reward, and really anything else that you can think of. If you do something cool for your character, submit it to the ST. It is likely worth some XP. All you need to do is send it in, and the ST will reply shortly with how much XP you have received.

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