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Alexandra Milliner Crassus


Character Information
Regnant: Ashley Fitzgerald-Rossi
Covenant: Unaligned
City: Phoenix, AZ
IC Journal: Primary Character (Comment to be added!)
Player: Wendy
Storyteller: Daniel Corral

About Lexie

House Crassus is proud to present as a candidate for your service Alexandra Milliner Crassus.

Striking Looks 4

Alexandra embodies our family’s core principals. She has a youthful, aggressive spirit which should not be mistaken for willfulness, but does require a strong hand to keep in check. We are confident the rewards of Alexandra's submission will be worth the investment of her master’s personal attention and time.

All of my family's pretty words were true about me, before. But this is after -- after Suriel. After Lucien. After Ashley. After love. After hell. After salvation.

I'm not youthful. I'm young, but I'm no longer an unseasoned, untested thrall. I've burned in the crucible of Kindred society and yes, I am aggressive and willful and if I weren't I wouldn't be alive. I don't apologize for that.

I'm still the best damn ghoul my family has ever put into the Requiem, and I am *not* afraid of the dark. Are you?

Answers to Lexie or Alexandra
Born December 6, 1980
Age 31 actual, 21 apparent
First Under Service 1996, House Savage
Cross Training 1997, House Crassus, Venice, Italy
Second Under Service 2000, House Derzhava
Free Agency 2001 - 2003
Other Training 2004 - 2006, Solon, Inc.

In Service

Haus Sutter

Lexie entered into service with Lord Suriel Sutter in June, 2006. After Suriel was destroyed in January 2009, she was inherited by his sire, Alder Lucien Sutter. Alder Sutter was destroyed in October 2009. In January of 2010 Lexie passed into the service of Ms. Ashley Fitzgerald-Rossi of Phoenix, Arizona. After moving to Phoenix she ceased to be seen in Kindred society until recently. In January of 2012, Lexie was spotted at the courts of New York City and Boston at the heels of Sir Samuel Cole.

Request for Ties

It is well known among Kindred society that Lexie's services are available (for a price) to respectable Kindred of discerning taste. I am always seeking ties to PCs who would want to "rent" a ghoul for any reason! Lexie's skills run from the practical to the *ahem* recreational.

Vampire PCs who may have rented Lexie in the past can email me for ties in the years 2006 - 2008 or between 2010 - 2011.
Vampire PCs who want to rent Lexie in present can approach either of the vampires she's known to be serving: Ashley Fitzgerald-Rossi or Samuel Cole.

Ghoul PCs, (or a vampire player whose PC was a ghoul at some point) who want family or background ties, please e-mail me!

Heard Upstairs (Quotes from Kindred)

Lexie Suriel.JPG
  • "Dealing with Lexie is like dealing with the greatest cappuccino machine in the world. She can make you the world's greatest coffee you've never had, and she knows it. Just as she knows that you're too much of an idiot to figure out how to use her correctly, and her life will be one long series of disappointments in people who just can't figure out how to turn her on." - Sebastian Sutter
  • "It's almost good enough for me to remember its name. And makes an exquisite visual aid." - Julia Kincaid
  • "It's rare that I bother to speak to humans, save when attempting to steer them away from their Damnation - a task most thoroughly impossible with the Crassus, I have discovered. Alexandra, however, is a delightful combination of wit, fervor, propriety, and brazen forwardness that strikes me oddly. If she were but a whit more faithful, I would've Embraced her, for it is creatures such as she who could lead others both into and out of Damnation, and they none the wiser in the bargain until all was said and done." - The Scarlet Abbot
  • "This Crassus is polite, well spoken and mannered. It would be a shame if it was Embraced, and it lost what little beauty it has..." - Adorant Carnifex
  • "Would that all slaves were so sublimely, willingly subjugated." - Cynric St. George

Heard Downstairs (Quotes from Ghouls)

  • Why are there so few good ghouls in the Requiem? Because the good ones keep getting Embraced. That just leaves the stupid, the mediocre, and me." -- Lexie
  • Frustrating, lovely, addicted, submissive and yet strong. I don't understand Lexie, not one little bit. Sometimes I want to pity her like a beaten down child, and sometimes I think she's more free than all of us. -- Kate Crassus
  • Lexie's is awesome and ground-zero for an off-the-hook party. Damn the family for putting her through rehab, but their are some people you can't keep apart, so the last-laugh line starts right here. -- Damon C. Jackson
  • There isn't any hope / It hid inside your eyes / I want to seek it out / And give it my goodbyes. --From the song Lexie by Nona Fell
  • I will never be able to apologize enough for what I did, Lexie. You showed me who I was, and what I could and couldn't live with. I'm just sorry it cost you so much for me to learn it. -- Julius Crassus
  • The most important lesson a true Crassus must learn is how to be bent to the wills of those we serve, shaped into what they desire, and yet not have our personalities shatter and break. Only time will tell if she has learned her lesson well enough. -- James Crassus

Society Talk (Rumors)

  • Lexie's services are so sought after, at least one Kindred has paid a Major Boon for them.
  • A night with Lexie can cause a vampire to slip closer to their Beast.
  • Lexie is a poison: every Kindred who ever slept with Lexie has ended up dead.
  • Lexie is more inhumane than most Kindred and the only thing preventing her from going rogue is her blood bond.


  • Aint' Not Rest For the Wicked: Cage the Elephant
  • I Kissed a Girl: Katey Perry
  • I Will Posses Your Heart: Death Cab for Cutie
  • Shiver: Maroon 5
  • Junkie by Poe
  • Fingertips by Poe
  • Black Heart Inertia by Incubus
  • Circus by Britany Spears

OOC Information

Player: Wendy
Character Livejournal: Read Here
Email: Wendy
Other Characters:

  • None, that's why I need all the RP I can get with Lexie!

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