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The Chattanooga Goblin Market

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Faerie Market from The Books of Magic.jpg

Entering the Market

Once inside the Hedge the Market is accessible through a number of winding pathways. For a more direct avenue, a gateway can be opened within the Rock City park through the fittingly labeled Goblin Underpass arch, if you use the correct key.

Faces of the Market

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One-eyed Squeeb

One-Eyed Squeeb: A small-framed but frightening Hob, and the general head of the Goblin Market of Chattanooga. Rumor has it, and Squeeb encourages this rumor too, that his furnace is fueled by living fire, possibly a Fire Elemental.

Azul Abi: Goblin Fruit vendor, though the word is that the blue-lidded third eye in her forehead gives her a degree of insight into future events.

Enki: The Potion and Oddities dealer among the Market in Rock City. He makes no bones of his general disdain of Changelings, referring to them frequently as “Little Stolen Things”.

Switch: The newest addition to the Market's group of merchants, he is the Market's only Lost dealer.


Things Bought and Sold

Some fruit bite back, beware!
  • Amaranthine: This goblin fruit is comparatively rare (expensive) and looks like a small, red eggplant. Eating an amaranthine heals the changeling of a single point of aggravated damage. Glutting

on amaranthine has no additional effect; amaranthine restores only a single point of aggravated damage per scene.

  • Brumebulb: Brumebulb is effectively a small, almost sour-tasting onion. Eating the bulb is unpleasant, to say the least (it may require a Resolve + Composure roll to choke down the acidic, chewy sourness), but upon doing so a character’s very flesh begins turning to a drifting vapor. The body becomes all vapor and then, with a brief wind, is gone from the Hedge. The character reappears within a few miles of wherever the character entered the Thorns in the first place. Upon returning, the character vomits, suffering two bashing points of damage in the process (it’s a heaving, painful regurgitation).
  • Nevernip: This cross-breed of blushberries and fear gortach provides the healing benefits of blushberries, but at a steep price. Those who eat the lush purple berries that dangle from the stalks of the tall grass find that the taste is just too good to give up. Yes, it heals, but that doesn’t stop the character from wanting more. The character who has eaten nevernip must succeed at a Wits + Composure roll if he encounters the plant in the next scene or he must consume it again. Characters who have the Gluttony Vice suffer a three-dice penalty to this roll. Nevernip, unlike fear gortach, doesn’t affect mortals or other non-fae. (Requires blood to grow.)
  • Wyrmthumb: This fleshy fig, black and filled with sweet tar-sap, is found on the dinner tables of many Hobs in the Hedge. They seem drawn to its silver-colored goo, their fingers sticky with it. Oddly, though, most Hob's discard the very center of these figs, which is a group of grubs with black mandibles. Some Lost, however, recognize that these grubs are the true reward: eating the squirming grubs alive provides the eater with impossible flexibility.
  • Gravenail: This trifle comes from fingernails pulled from a dead mortal or Lost found in the Hedge. Sometimes, a gray film will grow over a corpse’s fingernail, and removing that nail from the corpse might earn the Lost a Gravenail. The Changeling then places this trifle under the pillow of someone he dislikes. When the victim sleeps on the bed where that pillow lays, she wakes up in the morning choking.
  • Ace in the Hole: This token appears to be a playing card, usually an Ace. When taped over the interior lock of a closed door and activated, this token makes it difficult to pick any of the locks attached to that door.
  • Speed Shot: When a Changeling is hit with this bullet, obvious purple webbing clings to them which slows their speed.
  • Coupnettle : A delicate, highlighter purple leafy plant that grows in the Hedge around Hollows where Changelings tend to dreamwalk frequently, coupnettle is often used to make tea (both of the hot and iced variety). Whether steeped as tea or eaten raw, coupnettle has a bitter, minty taste. Consuming an entire coupnettle plant invigorates the changeling, like a full nights sleep.

Bow down to the Chicken God! Ow! It pecked me!
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